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The 5 Attributes of Persuasion to Instantly Boost Your Business Value

Character - Building CREDIBILITY establishes trust. Humans are hard-wired to search for reasons to TRUST. If you are committed to the welfare

of others, this builds credibility, then you can lay out your position.

Reason - Why should the audience CARE about your idea? if it has VALUE, then they want to know how to get it. What steps do they have to take? Create logical appeals to gain support. DATA, evidence, and facts form a RATIONAL argument.

Emotion - Persuasion cannot occur without emotion. People are moved to action by how they FEEL. AUTHENTIC story telling about YOURSELF or

about people close to you, in failure, awkwardness, misfortune, ACCELERATE deep engagement.

Metaphor - When you use a metaphor to compare a new idea to some-thing that is FAMILIAR to your audience, it clarifies by turning the abstract

into an IMAGE that is remembered and shared.

Brevity - To persuade, LESS is always MORE. The opening of a speech is the most important. Start with the strongest point.

The TOOLS we use to persuade have CHANGED in the past 2000 years, the HUMAN brain has NOT. The same formula that worked then WORKS now. When did you last use this formula, with whom and why? Share with us in the comment section.

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